On Wandering Tentacles, Gugs and Dugs

In 2009, Postmortem Studios developed what was, to my knowledge, the first ever pornographic competitive card game marrying (and honeymooning) H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos with bad puns and hentai art. A twisted threesome, to be certain. In 2011, I reviewed that game. A few days ago, Innsmouth Free Press was brave enough to publish my review. Here’s a sample:

Call of Cthentacle, from James Desborough’s imprint Postmortem Studios, is the kind of game that renders one absolutely speechless. That’s not just because it’s difficult to find words to describe a competitive card game that involves bestiality, buggery, tentacle rape, or graphic depictions of naked women caught in various compromising situations with elder things beyond mortal ken. There’s something that defies description about the blend of uncomfortably explicit hentai images, hilariously terrible Lovecraft puns, and gameplay so simple even the mindless Other Gods would have no trouble grasping it. It’s a real Byakhee of a card game: every time I begin to describe it, I hit upon something I cannot and must not recall.

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