Ron Weasley’s Snot & Urine

Did you know that Clock Tower 3 was the first video game to realistically address the horrors of Ron Weasley? Here’s a behind the scenes clip. Bloody hell. It looks more like a pig with hair if you ask me.

Luckily, the review I’m about to introduce doesn’t cover Ron Weasley or Clock Tower 3. That would be too horrifying even for me. No, this is a review of Clock Tower…just plain old Clock Tower. The one you have to import a Japanese SNES or participate in some illicit activities to play, because it’s just that good. As usual, those poor fools at the Innsmouth Free Press picked up the review, bless them. Here’s a clip (clipped with a genuine cyber-replica of Scissorman’s giant honking scissors, and pasted with Ron Weasley’s snot and urine):

Sibling rivalry is, unfortunately, a common source of familial strife. Things can get particularly strained when one of the siblings is newly adopted, like 14-year-old Jennifer Simpson, and the other is a 9-year-old, half-demon serial killer with an unusual fondness for garden shears.

Read the full review here.

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