New Fiction: “On The Generation of Insects”

With the dry heat of summer, all sorts of creepy (not to mention itchy and stingy) crawlies tend to spawn, seemingly out of the warmed-over ether. Looks like the solstice is officially set for June 21st this year, but that’s not going to stop our insidious little friends. In portside Innsmouth, where the mounting heat has made the pervasive fragrance of rotting fish carcasses more pungent than ever, the insects have already landed and begun their morbid feast.

“On The Generation of Insects,” my Lovecraftian take on historical fiction and antiquated medicine published by the Innsmouth Free Press, has finally been exposed to the sweltering light of day, alongside stories by W.H. Pugmire, Don Webb, Stephen Woodworth, Melissa Sorensten, and Regina Glei. You can find them all in Issue 7 of the Innsmouth Free Press. There’s even a prettied-up PDF version for those of you who like pictures and pull quotes.

There are some quite established writers in there, and I’m thrilled to appear alongside them. Stay tuned for a future post breaking down the fictive offerings in more detail. In the meantime, throw the windows wide, pitch a tent on the lawn, and enjoy the buzzing, churning symphony of the season!

(Nematode image courtesy of My Chesapeake Bay)

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