Headaches. Disorientation. Fever.

Been banging my head against this parcel. Nothing is forthcoming. Pretty soon I might have to open the book. But I fear it.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the “About” and “Readme” pages to reflect recent publications. I’ve also posted a comprehensive report on the entity known as Slender Man over at TerrorFlicks.com. Don’t mistake this for a review. It’s not a game. I’ve seen it.

I’ve also written up a review of From Software’s new soul-trap Dark Souls for same. This is a game. But it is also, until I have broken free of its clutches, the walking husk that my life has become. As the trailer says, “Prepare to die/fight/struggle/endure/suffer/live.” What they leave out is that, no matter what you think you know, you will always be unprepared.

From the review:

It speaks to how meticulously and relentlessly Dark Souls shatters your spirits that when a message promised me treasure ahead, or things became quiet and peaceful, it only resulted in me clinging more tightly to my shield and praying for a break in the tension. It isn’t as though Dark Souls hadn’t betrayed my trust before. There was that time I came upon an interesting-looking outcrop on the hillside, and as I got closer I realized it was the petrified remains of a giant dragon. I was just remarking how cool it was when the thing came to life and killed me in a single swipe. Or when I was standing on a balcony fiddling with my options (Dark Souls never pauses) when a fat-assed demon jumped up from below and pounded me into a bloody smear. But those moments when you expect something to happen, and nothing happens, are the most excruciating of all.

Read the full Dark Souls review here.

From the Slender Man report:

1.) Advice

Do you make a habit of checking your doors and windows at night? Good.

Now tell me: have you ever noticed anybody looking in? A tall, skinny fellow, perhaps? Well-dressed, no face?


Others have seen Him too. Others have not survived…but you might get lucky. There are still a few who are fighting Him, fighting to survive or fighting for answers, no matter how painful the search. Can you help me/yourself/them/us?

Read the full report here.

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