Say “Hola” To Señor Walkway Number Cuatro

For those of y’all whose babelfishes are broke, that translates to “Diga ‘Hello’ a Mister Pasadizo Número Four.” Or, if you’d prefer a second opinion, “Salude Número de Sendero de Señor Cuatro.” In plain English, that would be “Greet Number of Path of Mister Four.” Well, why couldn’t you have just said so to begin with?

So, what does this all mean? Well, my multilinguistically challenged friends, it means that issue 4 of Señor Walkway, the online literary magazine presided over by Sierra Simmons and Seth Blake (one of whom is a fellow CalArtian), as well as the unflappable Seigneur Pedestrian Passage himself, is officially in existence. But who or what is Señor Walkway?

As it turns out, it has more to do with Robot Monsters than sharply dressed men with hats and fancy moustaches (and all the other accoutrements of your modern footbridge, stile, or promenade).

On the subject of translation, there’s a story of mine in the new issue, “Concerning the Unmapped Territories of the Utrecht Region,” my faltering translation of the previously unpublished journals of Dutch naturalist Jacobus ten Broeck, erstwhile naturalist, cartographer, and entrepreneur, once considered permanently lost following ten Broeck’s doomed expedition up one of the tributaries feeding the river Amstel.

A direct link to the story is here.

Once you’re finished with the story, don’t forget to read the rest of the issue. There’s work in there from Adria Bregani, Peter Nichols, and Mike Molitch-Hou, who are all people who I know. Oh yeah, and Het Begroet Aantal Manier van M. Vier.

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