Is This Reality?

Another place, another time,
another face that looks like mine.
Another soul for all to see…
Is this reality??

Maybe not, but at least it’s “Certified” ™. Extraordinarily belated congratulations to Michael Molitch-Hou, founder and proprietor of the Reality(tm) Institute, on the redesign of the institute’s genuine official website. It looks really. Also of potential interest, Mr. Molitch-Hou “recently” (ha!) updated the site with a review of a Reality(tm) Expo held on December 17, 2011, at Control Room in Downtown Los Angeles. I just happened to be present at the expo…in fact, I was part of the “sanctioned entertainment!” Mr. Molitch-Hou was generous enough to upload rare video footage of this unprecedented event, which you can view here. Great job, Mike! You’re a real Nice Guy(c)!

Also, my good friend Solipsis O. Nann donated portions of his erratically maintained, functionally questionable library to the show. You’d probably be better off ignoring it, actually.

But I believe that I would really change a thing,
a second chance to get it right.
I think the end is close at hand…
I had a vision I don’t understand……

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