Queerer Than We Can Suppose

Strange Attractors, the collaboration between Encyclopedia Destructica and the Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality previously mentioned here and here, has almost arrived. The art/text book/DVD superhybrid is set to touch down on our planet in June 2012. If you just can’t wait that long, they’re planning a preview event (as inThe Event with a backwards “e”) for Monday, May 14, if you’re in the Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh) area. Here are the deets (details):

Monday, May 14, 6:30 pm

CI13 Apartment Talks, 113 44th Street, Lawrenceville

Strange Attractors Book/DVD Preview!
 “My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”
J. B. S. Haldane, Evolutionary Biologist
A screening/reading featuring highlights from Strange Attractors: Investigations In Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities.  Be the first to see this fabulous publication in person!
Featuring art, writing and film by 70 contributors, Strange Attractors envisions the sexualities of beings that may some day be encountered – if not in outer space than at least in our dreams!  Strange Attractors presents an extraordinary range of expressions that expand our conception of the possibilities of alien life forms and the nature of sexual desire. What kinds of sentient beings, what types of sexualities, how many erogenous zones and forms of erotic pleasure exist out there in the cosmos?
Strange Attractors is a collaboration between Encyclopedia Destructica and The Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality.
Suzie Silver and Ed Steck will read their contributions and screen a short selection of videos from the Strange AttractorsDVD.—————————— —————————— ———————
The CI13 apartment space is located at 113 44th Street in Lawrenceville (Please park along Hatfield Street or outside of Icehouse Studios and please be respectful to the neighbors!)P.S. You can check out information about past Apartment Talks events and other CI13-related fun on the CMOA blog: http://web.cmoa.org/ci13/
I won’t be there, so I probably won’t see you there, but if you do happen to go, don’t forget to pretend to say hi to me!

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