The Omen: Divined

I’ve applied my powers of cartomancy, bibliomancy, haruspicy, gastromancy, horary astrology, alectromancy, extispicy, and of course oneiromancy to yesterday’s ominous post. And I think I’ve just about got it figured out.

You see, there’s this book. Well, it’s not really a book; rather, it’s not just a book. It’s the sort of unfortunate aberrancy (no, spellcheck, I did not mean cranberry) that might result if a book and an art gallery and a television receiving strange signals carried by cosmic rays got it on. And by unfortunate, I mean unfortunately AWESOME.

This book is called Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexuality. It’s a strange book. Strangely TITILLATING. It features…oh, I’ll let them tell you about it for once.

Strange Attractors includes the work of 70 artists, writers and filmmakers who have created remarkable explorations of possible extraterrestrial life forms and their multifarious sexual desires. A joint publication of Encyclopedia Destructica and The Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality, Strange Attractors straddles the line between speculative scientific exploration and artistic imagination.

Something that I wrote…okay, something that I channeled is included in this same book. The actual author is not from around here. It’s an unflinching review of Patricia Ginning’s historical/erotic novel Indecent Practices, and it’s by Krrrtchk Neusbaum (pseudonymic). How did I come in possession of such a textual artifact? I’m not entirely certain. They seem to find their way to me. You see, I seem to be a very special person. I’m in the middle of a strange adventure. Do you want to go with me? Do you?

If the answer is yes (and it should be), follow this electronic wormhole and purchase the book, immediately. I’m in it. Amy Gerstler’s in it too, if that means anything to you. There’s a prose piece titled “The Sexual Habits of Extra-Terrestrials as Observed by Jules Verne.” You can see a list of all 70 contributors here. And it’s worth its weight in panxenogenecidal condoms.

Also, if you live in the City That Never Sleeps, the Capital of the World, or the Big Apple, check out the upcoming reading/screening at Printed Matter, Inc. on July 12. Various people will be there, including the book’s curators Suzie Silver and Jasdeep Khaira. Or, if you’re not one of those EST goofies, you can hoof (or claw or fin or erogenous quillopod) it over to the very awesome-looking Do Anything event at the Space 4 Art in San Diego, curated by Christopher Kardamibikis. Honestly, at the time of this writing, I have no idea what this whole “Do Anything” thing is even about, but I’ve been looking at the pictures and it all seems sufficiently amazing. There’s a bloodbath of tyrannosauruses (I think that’s the proper term for a group of tyrannosauruses) and some very laid-back skeletons drinking frackin lemonade. So go do that. It’s in San Diego on July 13.

And buy the book! It would make a bunch of pervy extraterrestrials, and the homo sapiens who are sexually shackled to them, very happy indeed. We all know what happens when Krrrtchk Neusbaum (pseudonymic) is unhappy….

P.S: That last line was meant to sound ominous. Sandwich time!

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