Rant Gaming Roundup 9/1-9/7

Here’s my latest and greatest from Rant Gaming, in case you missed it the first time. It looks like it was a busy week for me…hope you brought your reading glasses!

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, this Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer from PAX Prime is guaranteed to make you wet. Because there is a lot of rain in it. Also a man made out of beef jerky wearing a pimp hat. It’s Metal Gearrrrrrrreat!

Next up, I put my detective hat on and try to figure out the age-old question: what are we supposed to do with all those old board games in the garage? Why, turn them into new board games, of course! Find out how in Fixing Clue: A Beginner’s Guide To Remixing Board Games.

Also out of PAX Prime, I weigh in with my thoughts on the Unfinished Swan story trailer. My conclusion? It might just be me, but it looks a little…sketchy.

Thanks to Ill Gotten Games and their print-from-home miniatures game Pocket-Tactics, you might finally have an excuse to buy a 3D printer. Is this the first home console for board games?

What does cognitive psychology have to do with difficulty, satisfaction, and immersion in video games? I explain all in Object Permanence: Dumbing Down Dark Souls?

Finally, my response to Namco’s response to Miyazaki’s response to Metro’s question about Dark Souls’ difficulty.

Stay tuned for more gaming news, reviews, and rants next week!

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