Rant Gaming Roundup 9/8-9/14

Ah…the end of another wild week in the wacky, wiry world of gaming. Nintendo’s Reggie “Reginald” Fils-Aime radiated fabulousness long enough to announce a release date and a price point for the Wii U (hint–somebody’s birthday’s coming up, and it’s on December 25th). I published the inaugural review for my new board game weekly feature on Rant Gaming, Not So Old School. And I became briefly, repeatedly hypnotized. Oh, I also got a special package in the mail, but that’s not strictly game-related. What else could go wrong?

First up: What did I just watch? Why I’m still mesmerized by the Super Hexagon trailer, even after the game’s been released.

What do steeplechasing, galactic conquest, mythological creatures, and Pokemon all have in common? Colossal Arena: A Not So Old School review. Inaugurating my weekly rant on board and card games for the video game crowd. Now with 100% more Reiner Knizia!

Watching the Nintendo’s Wii U preview event on Thursday, it came to me: Wii U’s TVii service is just not for Mii. If you haven’t heard about this yet, you have to read the article–especially if you aren’t normally a gamer. This will revolutionize the way you watch television…in the same way Twitter revolutionized the way you ate sandwiches.

Is Wii U’s launch lineup really the greatest in Nintendo’s history? I did some sleuthing–i.e. clicked around on Wikipedia–and came up with this collection of facts. The results may startle you.

Next week is going to be even wilder, woolier, and…wombattier? Walrus. What? I’ve got some big articles lined up, including the next Not So Old School review, my first steps in Pandora, and a trip to Dream Land. It’ll all be hitting you in less than a week, so don’t go anywhere! Especially not to jobs and other important social contracts. Ciao bella!

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