Rant Gaming Round-Up 09/22-09/28

Another busy busy week for me. We moved! Again! And then I had a reading! In LA! With a lot of cool people! Not much time to sleep! Not much time to write! Out of coffee! Gotta keep my fingers moving! Here’s some gaming stuff!

This week’s Not So Old School review wasn’t a review at all. Instead, it was a chin-stroker. That’s what I call an article that makes you stroke your chin and go “Hmm,” which this one definitely does. The topic? Playing with myself. The Problem of Solitaire–A Not So Old School Chin-Stroker.

Part 2 of Dream Lands: A Study in Interactive Dreamscapes is up. If you missed out on part one, you can find it in last week’s Rant Gaming Round-up. This one goes heavy on the JRPGs, so if amnesiac, angsty protagonists with beautiful hair isn’t your style, prepare a barf bag before clicking.

8 Monochrome Games that Make it Cool to be a Panda. Celebrating all things oreo-colored! Go panda!

Go go go! This coming week: more panda stuff (except without the pandas…you’ll get it when you get it), something spooky for October, and the last of the dream series! Awww yeaaaaah!

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