Rant Gaming Round-Up 9/29-10/5

In the gaming world, we’re entering what I like to call Interesting Times. Christmas is, from the point of view of retailers and publishers, just around the corner, which means that we’ll be seeing a solid three months of hotly-anticipated, ridiculously overhyped titles, lauded with superlatives such as “THE Game of the Year 2012!” (conveniently eclipsing all of the better games that came out around February and March). Dishonored hits stores on Tuesday, and I’m waging an internal battle about whether it’s worth pre-ordering just so I can write an article about how disappointing it turned out.

This past week, the overfed pigeon known as Capcom dropped Resident Evil 6 on our unsuspecting heads, and I was lucky enough to avoid the splash damage. Here’s what I was doing instead:

  • I was playing Tokyo Jungle, that weird PSN game where you play as a Pomeranian let loose upon an urban landscape devoid of humanity (but conveniently overflowing with hippos, gazelles, panthers, crocodiles, and prehistoric reptiles). I was able to tear myself away just long enough to enumerate some of Tokyo Jungle’s Biggest Fumbles.

What will I get up to next week, I wonder?

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