Out of Hiding, [out of nothing]

Don’t call me no Punxsutawney Phil, but I just poked my head out of a hole in the ground and asked the question, “Is it spring already?” Then I covered my whiskery face with my tiny little marmot paws in shame.

No, I ain’t no whistle-pig, and no, it isn’t technically “astronomical spring” for another couple of weeks, but it feels as though the cold dead earth is going through changes. This being my first update since winter drove my solar deities underground in search of spectral spouses, it’s like a little green word-shoot poking up out of the ice as far as this sciurid’s concerned (a particularly flowery, weed-like word-shoot, perhaps). Am I back for good? Only time and sunshine will tell.

My (tentative) return’s not the only meteorological change worth reporting. You may have noticed a trend in my last few updates having to do with the fact that I was spending nearly every waking moment down in my burrow-hole writing for Rant Gaming. Well, folks, it’s the end of an era, because Rant Gaming rants no longer. It was fun while it lasted, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with all the snazzy and enthusiastic writers there, but for now, I’ll have to find some other venue for my gaming diatribes. More on that soon.

I’m also ecstatic to announce my short story, “Cycles,” appearing in the latest issue of online multimedia publication [out of nothing]. I’ve been a fan of [out of nothing]‘s it-could-only-work-in-digital presentation and curation since I first laid eyes on them, so I’m frankly stoked to be included in the new issue, subtitled “in the mirror, a sleep, a spectral nothing.” I’m even more excited to appear alongside writers such as friend and fellow alum Seth Blake, Andrew Choate (whose work I have rambled enthusiastically about before), and emcee Douglas Kearney. I haven’t had a chance to delve deeply into the new issue yet, but I expect nothing less than the cool rabbit-hole impenetrability of an art-house flick.

That’ll have to do for now; I can feel my land-beaver nose starting to chill.

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