Brug Thugs Fear Pugs

Here’s another poem I wrote for my ESL students. We did an activity called “Seuss Sleuths,” in which we read excerpts from a Dr. Seuss book (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish) and I challenged them to figure out the meter, rhyme scheme, themes, and other patterns employed in the book. Each of the students will now compose and recite an original Seussian poem; I wrote this one for the class as an example. I added some EXTREMELY GOOD MS Paint illustrations because, hey, it isn’t Seuss without pictures.

The Hug Bug

I like to hug
a kind of bug
The bug I hug
is called a Yug.

Yug bug

The Yug bug lives
inside a mug.
I keep the mug
under my rug.

I got a Brug
To watch my Yug.
I told the Brug
to watch the mug.
I asked the Brug
to watch the rug.

big Grug

The big Brug sat
next to my rug.
The bad Brug sat
upon my plug!
The plug came loose
with a big Tug! Tug!

The lights went out.
The room went dark.
My neighbor’s pug
began to bark.

loud pug

The Brug got scared.
He pulled the rug.
He tried to hide
inside the mug!

The mug got broke.
The Yug got free.
A Brug is much too big, you see.

The Yug bug crawled
out through a crack.
I fear he’s never coming back.

And now I have
no-one to hug
except a very frightened Brug.

Brug hug

A big Brug hug
is very snug,
but not as nice
as a Yug bug hug!

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