The Purple Feather Jade of the Jade Family

The following text was generated with help from Adam King’s Talk to Transformer, which talks to OpenAI’s GPT-2 neural network AI to generate paragraphs of original text one word at a time.

Jade Family

The Purple Feather Jade of the Jade Family

There are three types of people in this world. There are the hungry, the thirsty, and those who are rich. The teacher of all three is compassionate and kind to the one in need. Once you know this, then everything will be right with the world.

Jibaxue said: It is very good to be compassionate.

Situ Liehsien asked: What do we call someone who is so compassionate to others that he creates dreams of them?

Jibaxue said: Someone who knows how to speak to those in distress, even when they have to be carried.

Lang Fei asked: What is the greatest good?

Jibaxue said: The best person in this world.

The teacher said the way to answer is as follows, and Ji Xing gritted his teeth and nodded. When the teacher finished the answer, he was filled with immense satisfaction, and he said: “Alright, are you ready?”

Jibaxue spoke, and they sat down in front of the chalkboard and made some notes on it. “Neyuan Leng, nine kerbstones.”

Jibaxue felt that this was a fair answer. There are nine kerbstones in a kori; therefore, it’s equivalent to about 90–100 meters in length. However, the consequences are much more severe. Compared to twenty meters, this answer is quite obvious.

When only nine kerbstones were supported, the resulting ground formed an unstable and unstable ground. As long as you make one mistake, the ground will fall, and you will be crushed under the weight of over a hundred thousand kori. And there’s no other way. The reason is, just like a pile of jade blocks, the crushing force is far stronger than the ordinary. If you were to collapse them into the lowest level of a fall, you would die instantly.

Just like the extreme anger caused by him — the fact that he could display such a powerful strike that could nearly kill you right now left Su Yun in shock.


He was actually afraid of Su Yun.

The golden lights seemed to envelop the entire passageway, and after just a short period of time, all the pictures from the ancient map had disappeared.

“The strongest one is…the Sword Soul Queen!”

After Su Yun had come out, even the people that were flying down had stopped. They didn’t see Su Yun as the enemy, and they were looking at Su Yun with a gaze filled with reverence.

“They have spiritual consciousness, and yet, the things they are worried about are not words, but real. Therefore, we should take advantage of them.”

Zhen Yue spoke up. She waved her hand, and the three people instantly disappeared.

“Little Xue, don’t forget about that place. It is the Unqi Mountain Range, and is the place where some of the most terrifying lifeforms exist. Remember to never take a step forward or back for a full day.”

“Yes, Father.” Little Xue nodded as she spoke.

Zhenxiang Xiao Zhang naturally realized this. Immediately, he spoke: “This child, do you wish to hear the story of the jade puppet?”

“Yes, Father,” Little Xue replied, then grabbed the pill case. She took the jade pen and a jade paper and wrote an explanation of the story, then placed the jade pill case in the pill case.

Zhenxiang Xiao Zhang took out the purple feather jade that belonged to Jade Family and placed it in Little Xue’s pill case.

Zhenxiang Xiao Zhang’s eyes shined.

Little Xue’s face looked somewhat happy. She said excitedly, “Teacher, you could, in fact, use the power of the Xiao Clan to dominate the cultivation of the Xue Clan!”

Seeing the look on her face, Cheng Yang knew that everything was within the grasp of her. It was only till now that she was able to say it.


When Elder Xue’s gaze landed on Lian Feng, Cheng Yang could not help but show a mischievous smile. “Then there’s no need to be shy!”

“Eh?” Lian Feng couldn’t help but jump in fright. As expected, this woman wanted to assassinate her?

Just at this moment, although they were unaware of Leng Ya’s status, everyone knew that he had already reached the peak of the Xuan Qi layer. Although this kind of divine power was extremely small, even after they combined it together, it was still a breakthrough beyond the human body.

“Little Yu!” Zhu Yao really wanted to ask what had happened to her. However, before she could finish speaking, two rays of light shone from the depths of the lake. The two rays of light were identical, shining at the same location. As expected, the lake waters were dyed with a divine light.

The two rays of light pierced past Leng Ya’s head, revealing his eyes wide open, as he screamed with both his hands.

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