I Couldn’t Sleep, So Here Are 29 Fake Band Names

Feature image created using Morphogen’s Artbreeder.


I Couldn’t Sleep, So Here Are 29 Fake Band Names

  1. Lydah Caine and the Tingles
  2. Angelica Baby and the Whimpers
  3. Jimmy Butcher and the Chopping Blocks (reformed as Butcher and the Blocks)
  4. Mary Berry and the Confections
  5. Roger Stone and the Light Sentence
  6. Willy Gates and the Microchip Conspiracy (also Big Billy Gates and the Microchips)
  7. Shirley Jackson and the Black Box Band
  8. Dick Shale and the River Rock Trio
  9. Marie Condyle and the Neat Freaks
  10. Johnny Elton and his Rockette Men
  11. Sleepless Sal and the Insomniacs
  12. Donnie Trumbo and the Toddler Tantrums
  13. Franky Legend and the Mythopoeics
  14. Olive Jardin and the House Salad
  15. Davy Hutchinson and the Pebbles
  16. Newt Brunswick and the Eh Eh Ehs
  17. Mary Curie and the Pipettes
  18. Jack Covid and the Spread (also Jack Covid and the Mask Deniers, Jack Covid and the Quarantine Quartet, Jack Covid and the Social Distancing)
  19. Low T and the Chronic Fatigue
  20. Harry Porter and the Stoned Philosophers (disbanded 1998, reformed as Harry Porter and the Four-Piece of Secrets; disbanded 1999, reformed as Harry Porter and Rhythm Section of Azkaban; disbanded 2000, reformed as Harry Porter and the Fire Gobblers; disbanded 2003, reformed as Harry Porter and the Order of Funk; disbanded 2005, reformed as Harry Porter and the Half-Tones; disbanded 2007, reformed as Harry Porter and the Def Harmonics)
  21. Girthy Joe and the Sausage Party
  22. Ansel Excel and the Pivot Tables
  23. Aunt Sue and her Incredible Casserole
  24. Little Mac and the One-Two Punch
  25. Victoria Wales and the Black Summer (aka Victoria Wales and the Blazes, Victoria Wales and the Bushfire)
  26. Maxi Ultra and the Heavy Flow
  27. Domino Pizarro and the Delivery Vehicles
  28. Ricky Enchilada and the Salsa Roja (reformed as Ricky Enchilada and the Tapatías)
  29. Paige Turner and the Light Reads

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