On the Subject of Spiders

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Spider 2

On the Subject of Spiders

The itsy bitsy spider went up on the roof and hopped right down into the filth. I was wiping sweat off my face as my hand came up and began rubbing the inner thigh of the spider. It flicked its head in my direction and flicked its head again before going back down to the dirt. I’m glad it is not a white widow. Even with so many dead spiders in the spider lab there is no doubt in my mind that if I catch this critter I’d still get stuck with some blood at the end of a stick.

The “luckiest spider” of the bunch is the American black widow. It was first discovered in 1895 in Germany, and they have been making them in large quantities ever since. It looks like a nimble little eel, with a wicked, striking cuticle that makes it dangerous to all but the best bow shot. It bites almost all adults but not much else, and doesn’t even leave a mark on your fingers or hands.

Robel Impey, the newest addition to the Guinness World Records line-up, had found a black widow in Pakistan last year and has spent the last two years making it as big as possible for the Guinness Book of Records.

This spider belongs to the Tarantula family, which of course includes the cobra and boa constrictor (which already hold the record for longest venomous snake).

Impey put a total weight of 875 grams (237 ounces) in the “burrito,” which measured 60 centimeters (24 inches) long and 5 meters (16.5 feet) in width.

“It’s a full-body burrito,” Cesere said. “You can see it has a lot of long points, a lot of texture and a lot of coloration. A lot of the players won’t be as likely to complain about not having a lot of food in their burritos as they are when they do. The spice and meat of the burrito is also what makes them good. The vegetable portions are going to be more satisfying.”

“A burrito is like a full-salad that you wrap around a tortilla that comes with your choice of filling. I love taquitos or tacos, but a burrito is probably my most favorite. So, I was interested to see what all the buzz was about this month about a new burrito called the Kogi (Japanese for cactus) Burrito. The image that spread is this bomb, big-toothed, thick-busted, evil looking little worm! I didn’t know what to think when I saw the picture! But Kogi sounds so delicious. The name itself is so fitting as well. The Kogi burrito will be to a non-Japanese what the French fries were to a good German. Nobody will forget it.”

— Mitsuoka Komiyoshi

“The chili is so flavorful and spicy. The other sides too. Good, good, good.”

— Kuwata Bunsei

“I wish there were more sides like this to help you eat your meal, and I wish the grilled onions came with a side of liger meat.”

— Murata Genya

“The thin rice, seasoned well with the yolk and smashed rice, then scooped in toasted ketchup, chili and stuff in the white bean-sauce, brought the flavors together in a delightful culinary trifecta of flavor. Also the spicy bean sprouts (bye bye bok choy) were a welcome addition. The coconut chutney (like a piri piri) added a nice sweet tangy finish.”

— Karen Brown (one of Asia’s best cookery bloggers)

As well as the desserts, I also discovered a splendid chicken curry, sizzling on the charcoal grill, that, with its red chili paste, sounded heaven-sent. There was also a wonderful homemade beef curry with iced tea. You don’t have to wait for tea to cool off your churros, they actually keep the cashews cool until you want them. They are surprisingly good (and tasty) too. You can get them in bulk at the end of your baking session, so don’t be afraid to drink the leftover hot broth if you are in a rush. I think this was the first time I have eaten hot churros and they were even better than I expected! I would be pretty sure this is an item that will get recommended to me when visiting them. Be sure to try the kimchi! They offer salads, takoyaki (Japanese pancakes), and delicious potted meats. If you go early enough, you might even see a family setting up tents for late-night dinners. The best part is that there’s even a small shrine in the parking lot that offers a gorgeous view of Midway. Check out the post to read about the place.

This five-minute walk brings you to a beer garden, where you’ll find keg after keg of beer. You’ll probably be able to find more on the second floor of a nearby building. There are also plenty of snack and snacks to try out—a fun way to spend your money and time.

Returning to the subject of spiders, urchins are very popular household pets. Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t want a spider in my garden. Just tell me what will kill it. Can’t you just use pumice?” The answer is, no, it’s not possible to keep the spiders out of the garden. Spiders eat all kinds of life. If you live in a desert, they will eat anything living. But if you live in a continent, they will eat the diatoms growing in the soil. Their webs don’t only have the daily sustenance of the spiders, but also provide shelter for other small creatures like moles. If you are sick of spiders, you can always use a shovel to smash the spiders’ feet so that they can’t crawl back into the spider hole.

If your spider is laid back with only a single giant orb web, then it’s very easy to wrap a larger spider around it. Or you can just use a straw and wrap it around the middle of the spider. There are many reasons to use a banana in conjunction with this spider, including to use it as an umbrella. However, it’s better to leave them as is.

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