One Road into Mordor

The following text was generated with help from Adam King’s Talk to Transformer, which talks to OpenAI’s GPT-2 neural network AI to generate paragraphs of original text one word at a time. The feature image was created using Morphogen’s Artbreeder.

The Volcano House

One Road into Mordor

One does not simply walk into Mordor. For starters, the name says it all—it’s not a stand-alone movie, nor is it based in Middle-earth. Then again, the rehash of the “Hammer of the Gods” mythos, the slow build to “Sauron the Dark Lord,” and the context of the tale are all true Lord of the Rings films. (Incidentally, can we get a Harry Potter as Sauron? I don’t think we can, but I’m sure Peter Jackson would make some interesting tweaks.)

With that said, there is definitely a pattern to what drives all of this. The Goblin King and his horde of Goblins are directly responsible for all the deaths and destruction in the magical land. They believe in chaos and chaos magic; they want to punish the world for not hating them.

Their leader, Ungoliant, is far older than the rest of them, so she is the oldest.

Goblins are awesome! They aren’t just thugs; they are great fighters. They can throw fireballs, and at the same time, they are so resourceful. They can build elaborate traps and make them work even better.

They usually fight with their hands, but if a Goblin needs help, it usually takes less than 20 seconds to build a working fix for the trap, and then they are ready to fight for their freedom again. So what should you do?

When a Goblin goes to steal something from you, they normally raise a sword to prevent you from stopping them from doing so. I noticed that a lot of times they swing their sword at you even though the sword is too close to you.

If you want to fight a Goblin and are running away and can’t keep up, you should move at a regular pace and aim for the legs and any vulnerable parts of the body. I have seen many Goblins run into bushes, and bushes can be easily broken with your fists and everything, but I have never had a Goblins ever try to climb on top of a wall. I didn’t think it was possible to climb up a wall using only your hands because I never witnessed this myself.

One difference between Goblins and Humans is that Goblins have strong arms, giving them a stronger advantage, but also that Humans enjoy poking others.

Being in a room and hearing a noise from the back.

Tentatively, I call out to its direction.

It cannot see me clearly, so it must be hiding.

At this distance, I notice a Goblin girl run in from the direction the noise came from. She immediately noticed me and hurriedly ran out of the arena, while looking back to check my condition.

Her eyes seem to be questioning whether I’m okay.

“Nooo! I can’t bear it anymore!!”

I immediately got up, yelling.

“Shizu-chan, wait for me!”

It seems like the problem is this Goblin girl’s spirit. Her spirit is too big, and now she’s going to consume it……!


The goblins stared at me, and reacted by looking toward the ring I stood in.

“For I, who adorns a ring of

Martyrdom on my finger, have the light to appear;

And the fear of the coming day will flee

My lips, and the veil of the night

The inner appearance of the light.”

In front of the temple they found a well of pearl and a brilliant disc (a ring, to the “fingers” of Numenius). The road was long, the city wide, and on the right a mountain top. Passing the mountain top, they encountered a grotto (4:23), a long narrow, tree-shaded passage, into which they all but were swallowed up. In the distance there were the divine angels, summoning them, and they perceived a “barking sound,” and the appearance of a “brave, shining dragon” (4:24). Hump, after he had continued his journey to the valley of the shadow of death, found to his astonishment a “dark, mountainous place” filled with “too many trees, too many bushes, and more than two hundred mighty, strong beasts, of the fierceness and power of a lion and the fierceness of a bear” (4:26).

The ring of light and the ring of dark—the two pieces were connected.

The light that came from the ring of light passed through the ring of darkness and arrived on the other side.

This was the manifestation of the first premise of the technique.

It could also be said that the darkness didn’t pass through it, but somehow it should be seen as having passed through it.

The ring of light and the ring of darkness were totally different—there were two distinct pieces of light and darkness, but in that area, they were exactly the same.

“Ah…… I have a bad feeling.”

If this was the world where the higher existence called Solus could appear, then I was able to understand exactly what his true intent was. I didn’t want to see it again.

From the Divine Gate’s throne, Solus brought a tray of snacks over.

They weren’t sweets or jelly beans. They were just slightly cooked hot biscuits. It appeared that he had prepared them just in case.

This was the first time I was able to watch Solus eat.

He nibbled the biscuits slowly. It seemed that he tried to approach the table with a heartless attitude, but for some reason, he became like an impertinent child.

“… The food’s really tasty. Didn’t I say you could eat anything with me? I think you should eat my balls.”


“By the way, can I cook this sushi for you?”


“It’s from the Naha Kingdom’s pizza. They just use a lot of ingredients.”


“They don’t have meat in it. But they do have bonito in it. Because the flour has some fish in it. You can mix it up in the water with that. Do you want to have it?”


“Ahh, well, that would make sense. Yes, I understand.”


This name couldn’t be found in any of the religions of the Eastern world, but it was definitely known to me.

However, what came to mind immediately was the name of the ancient God that was sealed in the forbidden area of the ancient Testament in the previous world: “Grod…”

Yes, the first successor of the “Crimson Blade.” The youngest member of the seven deadly sins and one of the two Godslayers, Bara-Ui.

“Guuw, do you know why it’s so dangerous if someone from the Sunlight Scripture actually made it back?… ”

This was something Bara-Ui had heard long ago. At the time, it was a military rumor that had started to spread among the Five-Colored Blades. Despite it being late, her eyes were fixated upon it.

“It was a letter written by Mii-san.”

“…Why is there a picture of herself as well?”

Bara-Ui had asked about this as well. However, the picture that Mii had provided was with a still-dormant human body. Because of that, Bara-Ui had thought about it for some time; however, she couldn’t get a clear answer.

Solus and Ungoliant, whose contempt for one another became very openly apparent, initiated a series of incursions into one another’s territory, trying to break through into one another’s territories by force.

Cyrus was at war with his brother, Aginor. Cyrus attempted to stop him. Meanwhile, on his other side, Aginor sought revenge against Cyrus. During this war, Cyrus and Aginor both grew weary of each other. Cyrus resolved to kill Aginor as retribution for killing his mother. Although Cyrus was about to start the battle, there came a sudden change of heart. Cyrus became lost in thought and almost lost sight of what he was doing, while Aginor stared at him until his eyes glowed a bright yellow. This was the start of the Third Goblin War.

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