A Series of Experiments

The following text was generated with help from Adam King’s Talk to Transformer, which talks to OpenAI’s GPT-2 neural network AI to generate paragraphs of original text one word at a time. The feature image was created using Morphogen’s Artbreeder.

A Series of Experiments

A Series of Experiments

Here’s a little experiment: Have you ever turned on your TV, after you set it to air the next day, and it doesn’t really show you the thing you actually need to watch? Does that moment when you hit play on ABC or NBC’s morning news trigger some sort of rush to your TV that sucks you into its world? A buzzing in your ears, feverish eyes, and felt in the skin? That’s not all you see, though. The anchor has to dig into her memory card to refresh the feed so the stories catch up to her, or to find you somewhere on the schedule, or to tell a joke you don’t like.

If you don’t believe me, try this experiment for yourself: Put on a pair of shoes that have a circular heel and step onto a raised platform, which will also have a circular heel. Stand in front of the platform and shine a flashlight on your shoe so that you can see the crank on the side of the platform. Let your shoe spin until it bumps the tip of the crank, and you will hear a small sound.

This sound is called a “crank creak.” This sound isn’t created by the crank, but rather, the shoes (and a shoe pump) running on an imaginary chain from the crank. By rotating the shoe back and forth in the process, the crank of the crank pulls the shoe up against the pedals and creates this sound.

Want to try another experiment? Here we go:

I encourage you to make a spreadsheet of all your available data and weights.

Put your 30% effort at the bottom of the spreadsheet. If I’m talking to you, I’m speaking in your name, my name, your name, and yours.

Finally, tally up your results. For example, here’s a summary of my workout before and after.


8 reps

135 pounds

2.5 pounds per repetition


9 reps

185 pounds

2.4 pounds per repetition

Now, is this a good and productive transformation? For me, no. So we start a new experiment: a database modification without database. One of the things I really dislike about having data in a database is that data never gets in as a raw column. So, if I have a command to update a bunch of stuff, and I want to validate that stuff is up to date, the database does not offer a way to know that data has actually changed. There is always some overhead involved with the modifications to the database. It is not obvious that you have verified your changes. The first problem is, how do you tell if the current value of the data column has changed, the first time you add or update something?

Second, do you want them to be radically non-violent? Then your diet must be whatever causes brain damage in human beings, since damage causes brain function, which means that it doesn’t make any sense to mix bad substances with good substances.

An isolated example: Iron, which is bad in its own right, is also good for nerve cell communication, which is why blacks and gays have better memories than most whites. (That’s why whites claim to have the “memory” when looking back at the horrible sights and odors in the African post-industrial present.) Another isolated example: caffeine (which is good in a lot of cases, in fact). Other animal foods, especially those that involve milk, contain the same harmful substances, thus it’s unfair to compare them to a man’s diet.

If you’re willing to do a bit of research, you’ll find that chia seeds are nearly non-existent in other human food. It may be the case that the gluteal and rectal muscles aren’t used as much, and that is good for erectile function, but most other female organs are affected as well.

2. Better Sleep

Most men will tell you that they have much better sleep quality than women. They’ll also say that they suffer from painful erections and a lack of energy, so how are they able to do that?

The solution for most guys is to get you comfortable with anal sex. Then, when you’re ready, we can start doing it. You can use your favorite dildo or anal plug, or even use a pussy or butt plug. There’s no better way to have an orgasm with your favorite toy than fucking your favorite person.

If you’re interested in learning more about anal sex and the differences between anal and vaginal sex, you might also enjoy My Best Friend’s Sex Toy Reviews, a free erotic erotic romance novel / shelf full of erotic romance novels for guys, lesbians, bisexuals, and everyone in between. The paperback edition of one of the series, The Abduction of Miriam, is a major power trip, but its gorgeous artwork and complex subtext make it worth reading for someone looking to delve into more serious, thought-provoking works.

Marian Wells (Lavender, Sunlight, Blue Cross): Wells is just one of many writers I’ve read whose works successfully meld the worlds of fantasy and sexuality. Their books are hilarious and often insightful and generally very, very entertaining. I’m just not sure if the publishing world can produce any better at combining fantasy and sexuality than Wells, though.

Top Pick for Younger Readers: Last In, First Out

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