Of Boiling and Boils

The following was cultivated from text generated by InferKit‘s AI-based text generation tool. The feature image was created using Morphogen’s Artbreeder.

Of Boiling and Boils

The boiling point of water is 212°F (100°C). This means it has a boiling point of 212°F when you dissolve it in a solution of 100% pure water. This should make most people question why it’s called “boiling.” Most people call it “boiling” because they think that boils are something caused by boiling water. Boiling is not a separate process like boiling water. Boiling is the liquid state of a solution with the chemicals dissolved in it. This does not include the heat required to “boil” it.

There are many reasons why boiling water is called boiling. This includes the chemical reactions in water that are also a significant part of the boiling process.

Now we’re cooking. We’re waiting. For ten minutes. No movement in the pot. Doesn’t get hot. What does this look like?

Pretty good, right?

I once had a student who referred to watermelon as “melon.”

I said to him, “You cannot have just a ‘melon’ of watermelon. A ‘melon’ is a whole melon. A ‘melon’ has seeds in it.”

He thought for a second, and then said, “Oh, but it’s not just a ‘melon’ of watermelon. It’s ‘melon,’ and that’s an albino.”

I’m not sure why he thought an albino watermelon would be white.

He must have thought of white as a color, because he said, “It’s a ‘melon’ of albino watermelon.”

Too bad that isn’t the same.

As a teacher, I am learning things about students, even though I am mostly a teacher to their parents and grandparents.

I am having lunch with a student at lunch right now. He’s a good kid, very good, but he just keeps making bad choices. He’s nice and well-behaved. I know that if he was placed with someone else, the situation would have to be changed, but in my classes, he has trouble taking direction and is often disrespectful. Some days are better than others, but mostly I feel like a failure when he is in my classes.

Today was another day of bad choices.

The teacher I am with and I took him out to the student parking lot, took his license, phone, and car keys. We then sent him to the police station to put his name on a list so that if he causes any trouble for us, he won’t be able to get his car keys back.

Tomorrow I will be trying something new. I am not going to be my usual happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, goofy little teacher self. I will be different. I will be stronger. And I will try to not let the fear of the unknown overwhelm me.

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