This is Trump’s America

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This is Trump’s America

This is Trump’s America: His victory is complete and full victory will come very soon, believe me. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) November 14, 2016

There it is. Trump has finally beaten the establishment. The fucking mainstream media just folded, and after the howling the streets in the heart of the media world like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, they’re whining about voters whining about the coverage they’re getting from the media. What a bunch of self-entitled buffoons. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) November 14, 2016

This is Trump’s America: We are the thugs. — jordan (@JordanUhl) June 4, 2018

This is Trump’s America: A country where an unhinged rage rages with, and often with no apparent provocation, at those with whom one disagrees. On the cable news channels, so many black heads of state spew bilious abuse, perhaps because the racism underlying America’s dysfunction is most apparent when President Donald Trump sets the tone.

This is Trump’s America: The “normalization” of the abnormal.

For more than two years, as President Trump has shown time and time again, the country has lived on the edges of an abyss, almost like living in a constant state of freak-out. The normies—the everyday people who would normally serve as gatekeepers to chaos and rationality—have been swept away by the weird and mad moments that occur every day.

Cannibalising the electorate for votes is a way of operating in Trump’s world. His appeal to fear is central to his voter base.

As Sarah Kendzior puts it: “Trump has developed a poor appetite for governing because he has never really believed in governing.”

This is Trump’s America: A frustrated middle class hobbles along, holding their breath and waiting for the next shoe to drop.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Paul Krugman of The New York Times laid bare what Trump means for the America he left behind.

“It’s his bigotry, his attitude of white supremacy, which is not a joke anymore, it’s a strategy. It’s all of the steps he has taken so far, which is to vilify minorities and immigrants. It’s the whole racist ideology, and it’s his bizarre fixation with Russia. It’s bizarre. He has such a fixed fixed view of what’s important and his ability to create new reality in order to justify that view is really quite extraordinary.”

This is Trump’s America: Hate has risen from the basement of our politics to the top of our society, and we are all complicit in it. There is much to be said, but first let us mourn.

To win the battle of Trump, the left has to find a way to reconnect with the political space created by the chaos, corruption, and incompetence of this administration. On Saturday, thousands of people came out in cities all over the country to say no to Trump, his agenda, and the hate they represent.

We don’t yet know what a political movement to defeat Trump might look like. It will be one that unites people who see a broken political system that has been captured by billionaires, bankers, and corporate interests. It will be one that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

It will not be a protest movement. It will be a movement.

This is Trump’s America: lone voices of dissent or hope.

I have been both humbled and moved by how the protests have created unity of purpose, of being.

The hatred of what we call the administration is actually a rallying of people who love this country and the potential of it.

And now the craziest of all possible political and cultural trends has met its end:

It’s over.

It’s over.

It’s over.

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