New Fiction in the Twisted Anatomy anthology

Have you read “A Rose for Emily”? Replace racism with circumcision, and you have some idea what to expect from my new short story, “Ruck Johnson and the Curse of the Concomitant Foreskin,” which appears in Twisted Anatomy, a charity anthology of body horror from the editors at Sci-Fi & Scary.

With proceeds split between the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Twisted Anatomy will be released on February 19 and is currently available for purchase as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. Alongside my offering, the anthology features body horror by Red Lagoe, Jennifer Carstens, Ian Fortey, Allyson Shaw, R. J. Joseph, Madeleine Swann, DL Shirey, Nick Stefan, Tabatha Wood, Andrew Joseph White, Sara Tantlinger, Anne Polcastro, Justin Moritz, Alexander C. Bailey, Michael Morar, J.A.W. McCarthy, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Steve DeGroof, A. K. Dennis, J. Danielle Dorn, Cynthia Pelayo, S. H. Cooper, Laurel Hightower, Carina Bissett, Gabbie Frulla, Patrick Barb, Ian Neligh, Lilyn George, and Hailey Piper. Some are scary, some are funny, some are disgusting, and some are just weird. You can preview a few of them at the Sci-Fi & Scary YouTube channel.

Since this is a charity anthology, word of mouth is especially important here, regardless of whence those mouths may have sprouted. If you do purchase a copy and like what you read, be sure to spread the good word on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever else you happen to find yourself.

I’m sure you’ll grow to love it in the end.

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