9 Fun and Flirty Concepts for Three-Piece Summer Swimwear

After more than a year in lockdown, you can bet that this summer will be epic. The sun is finally coming out to play as more and more Americans are getting their Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J jabs. You’ve spent all of lockdown counting carbs and honing your beach body; you deserve a chic swimsuit that shows off all your COVID curves. This summer, the hottest fashion in swimwear is the three-piece, a coordinated ensemble usually consisting of a bikini and a third complementary item, like a sexy wrap or a stylish sun hat. Not seeing what you want in stores? Check out these nine concepts for flirty DIY three-piece bathing suits.

1. Individual Boob Slings

This throwback look combines a string bikini bottom with a separate “sling” or “holster” for each breast, providing the ultimate in support, style, and comfort.

2. Tummy Shield

Too shy for a bikini but too flirty for a one-piece? This look has you covered—literally. Traditional bikini top and bottom are combined with a swim girdle to mask pudge and give the illusion of coverage.

3. Foot Mesh

If you protested lockdown because you couldn’t get your mani-pedi, this is the look for you. A strapless top and cheeky bottoms are paired with a cat’s cradle-inspired foot garment that draws the eye to your immaculately polished piggies.

4. Belly Button Flap

Play a flirty game of peek-a-boo with this variation on the tummy shield. A cleavage-enhancing lace-up bikini top and cheeky bottoms frame an enticing square of fabric over your navel. Keep it covered when modesty is called for or lift the flap to give that special someone a show. Perfect for tanning!

5. Shoulder Pads

Unleash your inner girl boss with this power ensemble. Shoulder pads scream “In my office, now!” while the bandeau-style bikini top and thong bottoms show off your feminine mystique. Leave your cares at the office, but take your power with you!

6. Eye Patch

Whether you’re a swashbuckling sea queen or you recently suffered a corneal abrasion, you’re guaranteed to look fab with this eye-catching beach look. The medical-grade eye patch is not only cute but functional, providing protection from sun, sand, and spray.

7. Guitar Strap and Wristband

Be the belle of the beach party boogie with this rockin’ ensemble inspired by legendary rocker Joan Jett. The cute, string-secured guitar strap can support a genuine Fender Stratocaster (not included) or instrument of comparable weight, while the ergonomic wristband keeps you strumming all night long. Cheeky bottoms complete the look.*

*Note: Because the strap and wristband are considered separate garments, a bikini top could not be included in this three-piece look. Do not expose Stratocaster or strap to moisture or direct sunlight.

8. Hair Tie

Keep the tresses contained with this subtle three-piece look. A bodice-style top and full bottoms are reminiscent of the flirtiest fashions of summers past, while a water-friendly hair tie provides the perfect accent. Made from high-quality nylon blend, this adjustable accessory is guaranteed to last all summer.

9. Just Three Beanies

You don’t just want to join the scene; you want to define it. This fashion-forward swim attire is sure to make you the center of attention. Perfect for containing all that wet hair and giving you that all-over tan you’ve always dreamed of. Beanies are 100% genuine cashmere wool and use only body-safe, natural dyes.

With these nine three-piece summer swimsuit ideas, there’s sure to be a look for everyone. Are you a budding fashionista? Comment to share your own outrageous ensembles. Get vaxxed, get waxed, and get ready to make a splash!

Swimwear model by Jmarchn under CC BY-SA 3.0. Props provided by Richard Castle.

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