Tiny Pictures of Tiny Books

The digitization of the book-as-object has begun. Brena Smith, local stalwart of the bound and printed page at the CalArts library, has begun work converting the fruits of Literary Citizenship: Tiny Press Practices, or “Tiny Litizens” as the course is known among its cultish adherents, into timeless/ethereal digital artifacts (not the kind you get for […]

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Reality: Check!

When’s the last time you certified your Reality™ ? The Reality™ Institute, your one-stop shop for all things actual, has hosted a dramatic reading of my self-censoring book project, Destroy This Book. DTB, the first publication of the Universal Beliefs Project, was conceived and distributed as part of Jen Hofer’s Literary Citizenship: Tiny Press Practices […]

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Destroy This Book Has Erupted

You were warned. You knew it was coming. But perhaps I was naive to think you could ever be truly prepared. Destroy This Book, the inaugural publication of the Universal Beliefs Project, has begun to make its presence known to the world. It has always been here, smoldering just under the surface, waiting for the […]

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