Kate Cat Caught a Moose

I wrote this 193-word poem for my summer ESL class on phonics and accent reduction. It includes about a large number of minimal pair vocabulary words highlighting continuants and stops (esp. /s/ and /t/ endings), as well as various vowel sounds. It corresponds with Unit 10 of Judy Gilbert’s Clear Speech, 4th Edition. Enjoy, and […]

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Funny Cat Stories

<<The introduction and most of the body text & some of the photographs as well are excerpted without permission from “Darn Funny Cat Stories” by Stacie Naczelnik, at stacienaczelnik.hubpages.com/hub/Darn-Funny-Cat-Stories>> # Whenever I’m confronted with someone who can’t understand my love for cats, I remind them of the research that shows pets are good for your […]

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