Alex and the Wolves

He should have caught the feeling he was supposed to, but somehow the wolves never felt right. It was as if they never really belonged, as if each of them demanded their own space and were meant to be controlled.

He didn’t know what it was like to be lonely, to be alone.

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A Series of Experiments

If you don’t believe me, try this experiment for yourself: Put on a pair of shoes that have a circular heel and step onto a raised platform, which will also have a circular heel. Stand in front of the platform and shine a flashlight on your shoe so that you can see the crank on the side of the platform. Let your shoe spin until it bumps the tip of the crank, and you will hear a small sound.

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A Simple Question

Cat bites can be accidental—for example, the kitten learns that human teeth are a novel sensation, then it may try to scratch out the edges of its mouth as it plays, never realizing that his teeth are “safe” and she is not a human being. He will frequently play-bite so that no more has to be said.

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On the Subject of Spiders

The “luckiest spider” of the bunch is the American black widow. It was first discovered in 1895 in Germany, and they have been making them in large quantities ever since. It looks like a nimble little eel, with a wicked, striking cuticle that makes it dangerous to all but the best bow shot. It bites almost all adults but not much else, and doesn’t even leave a mark on your fingers or hands.

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The Abduction of Miriam

The Abduction of Miriam is a Lovecraftian horror story set in 1924 New York City during a nightmarish episode in a European gothic orgy. From a richly imagined perspective, this tale can be read as a dark and shuddering portrayal of the horrific culmination of a sexual encounter. This is the story of a young woman who sees a shadowy figure as she is trapped in the dying throes of a horrific ecstasy.

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The Volcano House

“Well the first 28 of those are entirely correct: America is white.”

“How about the next 26?”

“America is black. I’ll assume the left side of the keyboard also has ‘white’ as the first character.”

“Then it’s a dead giveaway.”

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“My tooth hurts. Like a moose’s tooth.”

You say nothing. You just sink down further, deeper into your seat. One of those moments when you’re so used to saying nothing it’s as natural as breathing.

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