Tourist Is Obliged to Decline

When an Englishman tells you he’s from Devon, he has a picture of a river and a plaque commemorating the terrible Gallipoli campaign in 1915, or something similar. If the tourist says he’s from Istanbul, you have a picture of a mosque and a plaque commemorating the great slaughter of Turkish minorities in 1915.

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In Memoriam Luna

The death of Neil Armstrong at 82 represents the end of an era for the space program, especially after the final manned space shuttle launch last year. I wish I had the time to devote to a full account of why astronauts like Neil Armstrong are important, not just to our country, but to the […]

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The Omen

Two months ago, I told you it would happen. You knew it would be coming. You were warned. Now, it is happening. I am telling you that it is happening. So that you know that it is happening. I have told you. Am telling you. It’s happening. Job well done, me. Sandwich time!

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