Rant Gaming Round Up: 10/6-10/12

This was a slow week for Rant Gaming articles, but I have a good excuse! Training! That’s right, I’m now (training to be) a certified member of the workforce! Economy get! So, let’s see what I was able to squeeze into my busy, busy schedule…. The main bulk of the week’s posts went to Not […]

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Introducing Terrorflicks

You may not have heard of Terrorflicks.com. In the world of online horror reviews and news, this fresh-from-the-grave hub is still moldy behind the ears, so to speak. You may have heard a whimper from them, a moan, a distant ghastly wail. Or you may have heard nothing. Dead silence. Either way, you ought to […]

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More @!$# Zombies

I thought we had an understanding. I thought I made it perfectly clear last time that I don’t…particularly…care…for…zombies! Yet here we are again: different day, same putrescent walking metaphor for vapid consumerism. This time, the kindly folks over at Innsmouth gave me the opportunity to review Paul Jessup’s novella, Dead Stay Dead. The publisher, Zombie […]

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Little Ambling Things

I don’t know if you’ve given this much thought, but if every book, game, movie, comic, graphic tee, or humorous coffee mug about zombies were an actual zombie, we’d already be overrun. There would be no hope left for humanity. I have a feeling there’s not much hope left for humanity as it is. 2012 […]

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